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Uh oh. Taylor Swift likes Russell Westbrook.

Last night, Russell Westbrook's 2017 "Why Not?" Redemption Tour came to a triumphant and expected close when he was named league MVP during the live shitshow known as the 2017 NBA Awards.

Celebrities, fans and even weak sauce turncoat traitors hopped on social media to pay due respect. This includes pop superstar and serial dater Taylor Swift. She climbed out of a bush to leave this video message for the new real MVP...

Yeah, this isn't good. According to TMZ, that's the first public appearance Taylor Swift has made since February. That raises more red flags than an old Panchos buffet! Within the next three months, expect Russ and Taylor to meet up in L.A, develop a friendship, have an affair, make it official, break up, and then a song titled "You're Always Going To By My Triple Double" to top the 2018 pop charts.

Actually, Russ seems like a model, stand-up guy, so I doubt that will happen, but you can't blame me and other Thunder fans for being concerned. Remember what happened the last time a pop starlet came after an Oklahoma-based athlete who was on top of the world?

Trevor Knight's football career was never the same after that, but as least he's still doing good in the co-ed department:

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