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Bricktown Hot Dog Stand Tweet Ignites Social Media Police Outrage

As the metro's leading obscure local social blog, we take great pride in covering the dumb, ridiculous local news stories that even traditional media outlets will not dare touch. So when word gets around town that a tweet from a local hot dog stand pissed off overly sensitive people on the internet, OKC residents know where to turn first...

Last night, @HOTDOGOKC – the social media account for a Bricktown hot dog cart – came under attack by the local sensitivity police for tweeting a pic of a "misogynistic" t-shirt it sells to customers. Check it out:

When I first heard an Oklahoma City hot dog stand was spreading sexist jokes on the Internet, I got my hopes up. As a longtime fan of wiener puns, dick jokes and misogynistic humor, I couldn't wait to see what offense phrase or design they came up with.

I guess that's why I'm a bit disappointed by this effort. Is ripping on a common brah phrase like "Cool story, Babe. Now go make me a sandwich?" really the best they can do? You can buy that shirt anywhere on the internet. It's unoriginal, outlandish, and according to most Oklahoma Republicans, the way life should be.

Hot Dog OKC's other merchandising efforts are way better:

As I mentioned, the Hot Dog OKC shirt pissed off the people who like to get pissed off about things like this. They grabbed their fire and pitchfork emojis and complained...

Jesus Christ! Calm down, people! First of all, we found a cool new shirt to give to Dean Blevins. That's awesome! Second, this is the Twitter account for a hot dog stand located in Bricktown. Keyword – Bricktown. Their target audience are 21-year-old hungry drunk dudes who are trying to get laid at 1:00am. The hot dog cart employees smell more Axe body spray on one Saturday night than the average person does is in a year. You can't blame them for letting the fumes get to their head and selling sexist merchandise to their audience. We live in a capitalistic society and it's how things work. Now go wash my dishes!

Apparently Hot Dog OKC blocked all the haters, which lead to the most comical Facebook review I've ever read:

Which is worse? Designing a stupid t-shirt that irreverently jokes about men treating their wives as personal servants, or extorting a hot dog truck owner by promising to *remove a negative Facebook review only if they'll engage in a healthy dialogue on why their stupid t-shirts are problematic? First time caller and I'll take your answer off the air.

Fortunately, not everyone was aboard the Snowflake Express. Some people had fun with it:

That's kind of funny. Thank God they showed some restraint and didn't drop a "this whole thing is mustarded." That would have really made people mad!

Anyway, I have a couple of suggestions for those who are genuinely offended by the stupid shirt, and inappropriate humor in general...

1. Lighten Up.

As we learned in Westworld, sometimes the maze isn't meant for you. You're not always going to be the intended recipient of every joke you run across on the Internet. It's okay for people to have a different sense of humor than you. Stop taking shit so seriously and realize that a joke is what it is – a joke. You don't have to get mad and take it so literally, unless of course, it comes from a politician you disagree with.

2. Go make me sandwich!

Hot dogs are nasty.

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