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No, a Mustang man did not set a world record by sleeping with 58 women in 24 hours

Fake news is once again targeting an Oklahoma City suburb.

If you checked Facebook over the weekend, you may have noticed a too-good-to-be-true article about a Mustang man who set a new world record by sleeping with 58 women at a European brothel. Unfortunately, the story is total bullshit.

We know this for several reasons:

1. It appears on several fake news sites.

2. It's virtually identical to a story about a Singapore man breaking the same record. 

3. Dean Blevins lives in Edmond.

Even though the story is 100% fiction, it's still fun to read when you realize so many people fell for it. Check it out a snippets:

A 37-year old man from the city of Mustang, Oklahoma has broken a long-standing world record by successfully having intercourse with 58 different women within a 24 hour period. The record was set in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, as part of an annual event run by a local brothel.

“I’ve always been a bit of a sex addict, and when I learned that the brothel was having a world record attempt I knew I had to come and give it a go,” he said. “I take it really seriously and train for it just like an athlete would prepare for a marathon. In some ways, it’s actually much harder than a lot of professional sports.”

Seriously, how could anyone be stupid enough to fall for that? First of all, why would a Mustang man fly to Prague to sleep with 58 women when Prague, Oklahoma, is only an hour drive away? Second, the dude lives in Mustang! That would be like living in a Golden Corral and then flying to Amsterdam to set the fried catfish eating world record. It doesn't make rational sense!

Anyway, although I'm not linking to it, you can find the original article by doing some low-level Internet sleuthing. If you do, please don't be dumb and believe it or share it on Facebook. Be creative and make up your own fake news instead. It's all the rage.

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