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Here’s the old Arbuckle Wilderness commercial to make your day better…

3:26 PM EDT on June 5, 2017

Just like most Internet people, I love popping a few memberberries and enjoying good quality nostalgia. Not only does recalling the simpler, more joyous times from the past offer a needed respite from the stresses of today's insanity, but they're also good for pageviews. Who doesn't love pageviews?!

On that note, instead of writing about some local issue or person that really "grinds my gears," let's relive the magic and enchantment of yesterday by watching, listening and dancing to the old Arbuckle Wilderness commercial that was played on heavy rotation during local news and after-school cartoons during the 1980s.

Check it out. The animals are waiting for you...

See? Don't you feel better now?

The commercial appears in the first commercial break of a 1986 KOCO news broadcast that I was watching to research material for the new biography I'm working on. It's called "Wednesday's Child: The Life And Times of Jack Bowen."

Okay, I'm not really working on that book, but did anyone other than Dino Lalli get the "Wednesday's Child" reference? If so, we can be friends.

The broadcast also features a rare vintage commercial from The Mathis Brothers "Red Button" period. It preceded the famed "Patriot and Pandering" period that saw the Statue of Liberty torch make its way into the logo, and lap dogs and small children make their way into commercials...

Well, I guess we know which one is the dad of Rit Mathis.

The Mathis Brothers one-time commercial rival, the venerable Larry Evans, also makes a cameo toward the end of the broadcast...

I was really hoping we'd get a Jude and Jody commercial, too, but I think they did most of their media buys with Channel 9.

Anyway, I guess that concludes this serving of memberberries. Here's some more stuff to get you really excited...

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