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Local fun police want to shut down Bikini Boxing in Bricktown…

Over the weekend, TLO Super Fan Brianna Bailey ventured into our turf and reported that the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission is trying to ban a bikini boxing event scheduled this June in Bricktown.

Here are the details via

The state agency that regulates boxing matches wants to shut down an upcoming Oklahoma City event that promises to feature women in bikinis punching it out in the ring.

The Oklahoma State Athletic Commission is asking an Oklahoma County judge for a court order to halt an event called Bikini Boxing 9, scheduled for June 17 at the Bricktown nightclub Level E, 315 E Sheridan.

The state agency, which regulates professional boxing, kickboxing and wrestling events in Oklahoma, filed a lawsuit May 19 in Oklahoma County District Court in an attempt to stop the bikini boxing event here.

Come on, Oklahoma lawmakers. You've put the people through a lot of bullshit over the past three months. Can't you come back for at least one day and pass an emergency bill that legalizes bikini boxing in Oklahoma? We can probably get a lobbyist to score you some VIP tickets. Just make sure Elise Hall is working at her family's pizza place so she doesn't block the bill in committee.

Anyway, this whole story is ridiculous.

First of all, why are they planning this event in Bricktown? Do families and tourists like bikini boxing events or something? I think the Twin Peaks parking lot on Memorial Rd. would be a better fit.

Also, why is the Oklahoma Athletic Commission getting involved in Bikini Boxing at a douche club in Bricktown? Is it really a sport that should be taken seriously? It probably has more in common with bikini oil wrestling or the Night Trips Pole Olympics than a legitimate boxing event. The creepy promoter in charge of the event agrees:

But James Hollimon, co-owner and vice president of the promoter Bikini Boxing Association, said the Oklahoma City event will essentially be theater, with no real punches thrown.

"We've made sure our participants know you cannot throw a punch with full force — this is basically a pretend match for entertainment," Hollimon said...

The participants are unpaid amateurs that discover bikini boxing through word of mouth and social media. The Oklahoma City event is already generating buzz, Hollimon said.

"We have a long list of ladies who have signed up to participate — there's some excitement going on," he said.

He has a long list of ladies? I bet he keeps that in a file cabinet next to Mitt Romney's binders full of women.

Even though the promoter says everything is fine, the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission claims the event is dangerous.

In a court affidavit, Joe Miller, administrator for the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission, said he reviewed videos posted online of the Bikini Boxing Association's past events that showed participants exchanging dangerous blows, including punches to the back of the head and back.

"The video shows a participant knocked on the ground, punched while on the ground and receiving numerous punches to the back of the head, which is the most dangerous blow a fighter can receive," Miller said in the affidavit.

"Knocked her brains undone," a master of ceremonies proclaimed in one of the videos after a bikini-clad boxer was knocked to the mat, according to Miller's affidavit.

Wow. When did Joe Mixon start emceeing...actually... you know what, I'm not even going to go there, even though I already did.

Anyway, I guess we'll continue following and monitoring this hard-hitting, breaking news story as it develops. Also, if you're the promoter of the bikini boxing event and are looking to advertise on top of all the free media you're already receiving, contact us for a media kit today.


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