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Tess Teague complained about “paid protestors” on Snapchat…

11:08 AM EDT on May 24, 2017

Remember Tess Teague? She's the rookie Oklahoma lawmaker who complained about Internet trolls tweeting about her butt. According to our Capitol Moles, she's the bossy, high maintenance sorority sister of the Oklahoma legislature. She specializes in generating sighs and eye-rolls.

Last night, Tess hopped on Snapchat to complain about "paid protestors" at the Capitol. And no, not the ones who were bussed in by Continental Resources and Devon. Republican lawmakers are not allowed to complain about them. That's considered blasphemy.

Tess was actually griping about the rare and elusive liberal Oklahomans who have been flocking to the Capitol to demand proper funding of core government services and responsible taxation of our state's citizens, commerce and natural resources. Here's the video. It's kind of hard to make out what exactly she's saying, because like most annoying girls in their 20s, she went overboard on the filters and effects:

Wow. Anyone else feel a little dumber right now? I think the "moral to this story" is that intelligence isn't required to be elected to the Oklahoma legislature. Also, "I'd be willing to bet" that right after she stopped filming this video she made her sin-in-a-suit husband play Beyonce.

Anyway, late last night, the GOP-controlled Oklahoma legislature introduced a couple of stick-it-to-the-Dems budget plans that will probably be ruled unconstitutional and not solve any of the dire financial problems plaguing our state. We're still trying to digest it. We should have more tomorrow.


Update: Tess responded to criticism with this, uhm, explanation...

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