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Bill Cosby worksheet assigned to Nichols Hills Elementary students

It looks like someone forgot to throw away Janet Barresi's favorite worksheets!

Over the weekend, we received an email from an Ogle Mole informing us that his son – a third grade student at Nichols Hills Elementary School – was given a reading comprehension assignment about famed comedian and serial rapist Bill Cosby.

Here's the email:

My son is a 3rd grader at Nichols Hills Elementary, an Oklahoma City Public School. In his graded class work folder I noticed this article "Laughing with Bill Cosby." There are a number of worksheets on American celebrities and public figures (e.g. Charles Schultz) but the inclusions of Cosby is funny to me in light of the state's budget issues. How old is this workbook?

The worksheet was titled "Laughing With Bill Cosby?" Well, I guess that's better than "Drinking Coffee With Bill Cosby!"

Yeah, that was probably an inappropriate joke.

The Ogle Mole attached the homework assignment. Check it out after the jump:

"Cosby has been working hard ever since." Please tell that to the 60+ women the funny guy raped and sexually assaulted over the past 50 years.

Here were the questions the kids had to answer:

Look at that! Congrats to this Ogle Mole's kid for getting each answer correct! Move him up to 4th-grade! If he keeps this up, maybe he can write for us someday.

Anyway, I know we're in a state budget crisis and everything, but how does something like this happen? Were they all out of the "Eating Healthy with Jared Fogle" worksheets or something? The only time it's okay for kids to read about "Laughing with Bill Cosby" is when he finally dies or goes to jail.

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