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Smug attorney caught egging cars in Nichols Hills…

Editor's Note: There's an update on this case at the end. 

It looks like we may have found a new cast member for Sweet Home Oklahoma!

The smug sassafras pictured above is Kelly Hensley. Thanks to this report on KFOR, we recently learned she's a 37-year-old attorney who lives with her parents in Nichols Hills. Her hobbies include having an attitude, rolling her eyes and egging the cars of motorists who dare park in front of her parent's mansion.


An Oklahoma attorney has been charged with a misdemeanor crime for allegedly vandalizing cars parked in front of her parent's million dollar home.

On Feb. 11, an eyewitness called 911 to report the incident near the corner of Wilshire and Waverly.

The 911 caller was driving by when he saw a woman in a white shirt hurling raw eggs at parked cars.

They called 911 because someone was egging cars? That's the most Nichols Hills thing ever! If something like this happened in The Village people would have simply ran outside with skillets and spoons to collect the ingredients for breakfast. As we all know, times are tough.

Here's more:

The suspect allegedly egged five cars that were legally parked in front of a home in the 1500 block of Wilshire Ave...

Police arrested 37-year-old Kelly Hensley for the crime. Hensley is an attorney who lives with her mom and dad.

Officers reviewed the surveillance video before arresting Hensley.

She has been charged with a misdemeanor crime for "molesting a standing vehicle."

Being arrested for "molesting a standing vehicle" is pretty damn embarrassing, but it's not near as bad as being outed as a 37-year-old attorney who still lives with her parents. Seriously, I wonder what type law she practices? Unemployment? Laziness? Waiting for an inheritance? She should change careers and become a blogger, because then living with mom and dad is acceptable.


Update: Charges against Kelly were eventually dropped and the case was dismissed. She was apparently out of town during the egging – a detail you think Nichols Hills police would have checked during their investigation. Also, Kelly doesn't live with her parents. If you have information on the real egger, call Crime Stoppers.

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