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Frontier City’s Silver Bullet gets stuck… again

12:14 PM EDT on May 4, 2017

Back in June 2016, the OKC metro shut down to watch the not-so-harrowing rescue of passengers from atop Frontier City's infamous "Silver Bullet" roller coaster. In our post about the ordeal, I jokingly suggested Frontier City make the malfunction a permanent feature for the thrill ride:

I haven’t been to Frontier City since I was in high school, which was a dark ancient time when teenagers used pagers, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to go back. Maybe this is it. I’ve never been stuck on a roller coaster, and considering you get a free bottle of water and some TV time out of the deal, it doesn’t look like all that bad of an experience. Hell, maybe they should get Coors Light to sponsor it and make the malfunction a standard attraction. I’d be for it.

Well, I guess the ride operators at Frontier City took me a bit too literally. The ride got stuck again today in the exact same spot. Here's a screenshot from Bob Mills Sky News Ranger 9 Super Max 5000:

If you're bored at work and have nothing better to do, you can watch the live video here. I'm kind of hesitant to write any more stuff about this because it's a live, breaking news event, and we'll look pretty bad if someone falls and dies. But if nothing bad happens, maybe we can at least look forward to cheaper Double Park Season Passes, or a new White Water Only pass.

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