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OSU football team wins magical 11th game…

It's been a pretty special six months for the Oklahoma State football team!

First they won the 1945 National Championship. Now they've won a magical 11th game from the 2016 football season!


Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has extended his refusal to accept a Week 2 loss to Central Michigan last season that was marred by an officiating error with the engraving of "11-2" on the Cowboys' commemorative Alamo Bowl rings.

Central Michigan beat the Cowboys 30-27 in Week 2 after the Chippewas were incorrectly awarded an untimed down when officials flagged Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph for intentional grounding on a fourth-down incompletion as time expired.

The Chippewas subsequently scored on a Hail Mary.

Oklahoma State also lost to Baylor and Oklahoma, finishing officially at 10-3 after the Alamo win over Colorado.

Wow. That's the dumbest thing ever. They really give championship rings for winning the Alamo Bowl??! Haha. I'm sure it will look nice next to the Oklahoma State Cactus Bowl championship rings from 2014.

Also, really? We're saying we won games we really didn't win now? Before you know it, Mike Gundy's going to claim he won the classic 1988 Bedlam game because Brent Parker "should have" caught the ball...

That's such a fun thing to watch!

Anyway, I have a question / plea – can we please keep alternative facts out of sports? Whether it's a bad call or end of game gaffe, sometimes you get screwed by officials and lose. Do you really need a reminder?

Seriously, deal with it and move on. Or better yet, don't put your team in a position to lose to average mid-major school on your home field on the final play of the game. Then you won't look like a mullet-headed tool trying to claim you won a game that you actually lost.

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