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Update: Ex-OU Football player charged as OU cheerleader’s pimp!

Earlier today, we told you the page view inducing story about the former OU cheerleader who was busted as part of a prostitution sting in Oklahoma City.

Now, thanks to a probable cause affidavit we obtained from the Video Vigilante, we've learned that Parker's alleged pimp/boyfriend is ex-OU football player L.J. Moore. He's a former 4-star cornerback recruit from California who signed with the Sooners in 2013, played sparingly, and then left the program in 2014. Based on this arrest, we can only assume that his next stop will be with the Dallas Cowboys.


Here's the probable cause affidavit:

I don't know about you, but this makes me sad. You had two young people with a bunch of talent throw it all away (probably) due to drugs.

That being said, it also makes miss the Barry Switzer era at OU! Seriously, things like this were a regular occurrence back when he was coach. In fact, I think Bootlegger's Boy had three chapters dedicated to football players pimpin' out cheerleaders. Or was that The Boz? Who knows? Either way, I think Bob Stoops should embrace all this and bring back the wishbone. It's time to make OU football great again.

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