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McAlester is home to the Gotcher – Beaver Law Firm…

There's a lot of important, serious stuff going on in the Oklahoma news-o-sphere, so let's avoid all that and scrape the bottom of the barrel for a cheap laugh instead.

Thanks to the occasionally informative Oklahoma Reddit Page, we've learned there's a law firm in McAlester named "Gotcher - Beaver." Here's photographic evidence:

That's kind of funny. I bet when they answer the phones they say "Gotcher Beaver Right Here!" They should open up a field office in Valley Brook immediately.

I did some research on the firm's partners – Warren Gotcher and Jeremy J. Beaver. They were voted "Lawyers Most Likely To Enter Porn" at the 2013 Oklahoma Bar Association Awards Gala. President Trump has called both of them "Terrific, really good people."

Here's a picture of Warren Gotcher. He kind of looks like the type of guy who would seek a Beaver for a partner...

Boy, John Daly isn't looking so hot, is he? Here's another one:

I scoured the Internet for a photo of Jeremy J. Beaver. I couldn't find one, but I did find a pic of a different Jeremy J. Beaver from Kentucky. It will have to do:

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