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Oh no, Bravo’s made a reality series about Nichols Hills weirdos!

Move over Street Outlaws! There's a new trashy Oklahoma reality show in town!

Earlier today, People provided a first look at the new Bravo series "Sweet Home Oklahoma." It was the much gossiped about reality show that was first teased in April.

Here's a description from Bravo:

Deep in the Bible belt, amid cattle, tornadoes and pump jacks, Jennifer Welch, Josh Welch, Lee Murphy, and Angie “Pumps” Sullivan proudly embrace—but unabashedly stand out from—their idyllic hometown. No feelings are spared when it comes to approaching burning issues, amongst themselves or with the world at large. Through their characteristic off-kilter perspective, they find humor confronting the white-picket-fence-meets-reality facts of life. Challenging the conventions of conservative society and showing an alternative, outrageous side to the tony enclave of Nichols Hills, their unique friendships hilariously reveal that the daily triumphs and struggles of small-city life are more wild, fun and memorable than meets the eye.

Hmmn. I'm not sure about this. Although it's refreshing to see Oklahomans on TV who aren't playing sports, singing country music or racing cars on closed roads while wearing lady helmets, is a reality show about wealthy middle-aged white "alternative" and "outrageous" people from Nichols Hills really the best we can do?

Sadly, the answer is probably "Yes."

Here's the preview trailer. Enjoy...

Wow. WTF! First man-made earthquakes, then a recession and now this crap? What has Oklahoma done to God to deserve all this? It isn't fair. Maybe it's time to sacrifice Todd Lamb.

For what it's worth, I'm usually the first person to complain about how our state and culture is usually portrayed on TV. This isn't because what's shown on TV isn't accurate. It's because it's true and helps support the negative stereotypes people have about this state. I don't think "Sweet Home Oklahoma" is going to help. I'm sure national viewers will still have the same feelings about Oklahoma, only now they'll know we have some rich attention-craving white people who will do anything for fame, too.

Anyway, we're to going to have more on this show later this week. If you have any dirt, scoop or funny stories about the people involved, send them our way. We already know that two of the main characters – Jennifer and Josh – are tightly wound around the old Wayne Coyne / Michelle Martin Coyne circle jerk. We also know that Josh is the former lawyer turned professional photographer who was caught bribing an Edmond cop. Know anything else? Send us the scoop, Moles.

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