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OK lawmaker wants to make it harder for new wife to divorce him…

The pretty pair of newlyweds pictured above are Travis and Sophia Dunlap.

Travis is a professional piano tuner, percussionist and State Rep from the Bartlesville area. Like most local conservative politicians who tune pianos, Travis a big fan of conservative, Christian-based interpretations of freedom.

We know this thanks to the following quote that's plastered on the front of his website:

Freedom is a gift from God? Okay, but which one? At last check, there are a bunch of religions and gods out there. In fact, some of them are pretty restrictive when it comes to fundamental human rights, freedoms and...

Wait. I don't want to fall into this trap. Let's just play along. That seems more fun.

I agree 100%!!! Hallelujah!!! Freedom is a gift from God!!! It's not granted by any state!!! The state must guard the freedom that God has endowed!!!

Well, that is unless you want to use God's freedom to escape from an incompatible marriage. If that's the case, Travis thinks you're only free to suffer.

He recently introduced HB 1277. Named the ‘Fairness in Fault Act,’ it will make it more difficult for individuals to seek a divorce on grounds of "incompatibility."


When a couple decides to get a divorce, it can be an emotional and difficult experience for both parties...

Now, an Oklahoma lawmaker wants to make the process a little harder for certain couples.

House Bill 1277, which was introduced by Rep. Travis Dunlap, would change the grounds for a divorce.

Currently, Oklahoma couples can ask for a divorce for several reasons including abandonment, adultery, impotency, extreme cruelty, fraudulent contract and incompatibility.

However, the bill, which is called the ‘Fairness in Fault Act,’ would do away with incompatibility for certain couples.

Under the proposed bill, the court would not be able to grant a divorce to a couple under the incompatibility claim if there are minor children, the parties have been married for at least 10 years or either party files a written objection to the divorce.

Instead, the couple would have to prove that their marriage couldn’t be saved because of one of the other criteria for a divorce.

That's great. If history has taught us anything over the years, it's getting the government involved in the private, personal lives of law-abiding adults is always a wise decision. Only the government truly knows what's best for your life and private relationships.

Also, if you want to stop people from doing something that you don't necessarily like, ban it or make it illegal. That always solves the problem.

Dunlap's bill also seeks to punish people who file for divorce...

The bill could also cause one party to be responsible for the majority of the court costs.

The bill states that if a judge finds that one person caused the ‘dissolution, annulment, or separation’ of the marriage via the criteria for a divorce, then “the court shall order that party to pay the other party’s expenses, including attorney fees.”

If that is the case, “the court shall award only one-quarter of the marital property to that spouse and the other spouse shall retain the remaining three-quarters of the marital property.”

Okay, I know that a woman's primary concern should faithfully serving her husband and having his babies, but I wonder what Travis' wife thinks about this? Does Sophia want to have her right to get a divorce restricted? Should she lose her share of marital property or income just because she stopped loving someone? Considering she married this nut, I'd say probably so.

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