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Emily Sutton breaks out Oreos to explain possible ice storms…


In case you haven't heard, the state is supposed to get a pretty heavy dose of precipitation this upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, weather forecasters don't know what that precipitation will be. It may be rain. It may be snow. It may be sleet. It may be ice. They really have no clue. Not to go all Gary England's Weather School on you, but the type of precipitation we receive depends on ever-fluctuating air and ground temperatures, and a few other weird factors, which can all be very difficult to predict this far out.

As a result, our local news media has been put in the awkward position of hyping a weather event they really can't predict, and we gets tweets this from Mike Morgan:

Yep, Mike Morgan is becoming the Jerry Seinfeld of weather forecasters:

"What's the deal with this week's weather forecast!? Have you seen this thing?! Snow? Ice Storms? Severe T-Storms? Can't lock it in! Can't lock it out! We have no clue! What's... the... deal..."

As opposed to hyping the uncertainty with a graphic, Emily Sutton provided a simple, easy to understand scientific explanation of forecast ambiguity that fortunately devolved into her licking the cream out of an Oreo cookie:

Although it's kind of interesting to watch Emily Sutton eat an Oreo without using binoculars, I think I'll let Kent Ogle's face speak for everyone on that...


Speaking of Kent Ogle, that wasn't even the strangest thing to happen at KFOR this weekend. On Tuesday, I was walking towards the break room to try some of Scott Hine's delicious cheesy jalapeno skillet cornbread. As a I turned a corner, I saw this thing staring right at me.

Apparently Linda Cavanaugh stayed at 21-C for New Year's Eve. I guess she had so much fun repositioning the boutique hotel's Purple Penguins that she purchased cardboard cutouts of KFOR's A-list talent to hide and position around the news bunker.

Anyway, I guess stay tuned to KFOR, News 9 and even KOCO for coverage of the big winter weather event that may or may not happen this weekend. Either way, play it safe and cancel all plans. At this point, even if the weather isn't that bad, everything will probably be closed. Also, stock up on Oreos. You don't want to be trapped without them.

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