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Edmond either needs to change its name or order new stamps…

1:11 PM EST on January 6, 2017


It looks like the screw up fairy recently visited Edmond... or should I call it Edmund?

Via the Edmund Sun:

The misspelling of Edmond on the City of Edmond stamp used by the city clerk’s office brought Edmond Neighborhood Alliance member Lydia Lee to question the error. Edmond’s name had appeared as “Edmund” on the stamp.

The stamp appears on a referendum that Lee and former Mayor Dan O’Neil filed to referendum on Nov. 29 to allow Edmond voters to decide the fate of the proposed Shops at Spring Creek. The motion is to halt the development. The Edmond City Council has yet to consider the development’s site plan.

“Several people who were circulators on the petition had noticed the error — the misspelling of the name and were quite upset about it,” said Lee, an Edmond attorney and former planning commissioner.

Yep, people were "quite upset" about it. Is that not the most Edmond thing ever?

"Honey, ready to go to Charleston's?"

"No... I can't. There's a typo on our city stamp and I'm quite upset about it!"

Seriously, it's just a typo. It's not something to get quite upset over. In fact, as the Typo King of Oklahoma, I suggest people go the Tyrion Lannister route and where typos like armor. That way, they can never be used to hurt you. All typos are bastards in their father's eyes!

*** TLO Typo Disclaimer Rule Applies For This Post***

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