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KFOR wants you to “get your willies out.”

After one of the most gloriously warm and beautiful falls in our state's history, cold weather has finally arrived in Oklahoma. In fact, according to KFOR, we might even see the coldest temperatures in two or maybe three years on Saturday...


Yep. Get you willies out, guys, and then, well, I'm really not sure what you're supposed to do after that. I asked KFOR, but they never replied back:

I'll let you know when they reply back.

Anyway, if you do decide to get your willie out when the cold weather arrives, I'd suggest doing it in your backyard so you don't end up in jail. Also, put a glove or sock on it to keep that thing warm. Nothing is worse than a cold willie. Clark Matthews learned that the hard way during the Christmas blizzard of 2009. Hey, a Clark Matthews reference!

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