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OSU students make interesting signs…

4:05 AM EST on November 30, 2016

Well, I guess it's Bedlam week.

That means everyone in the office gets to wear their favorite OU or OSU/hunting shirt this casual Friday and pretend to care about college football again.

As usual, Cowboys fans seem to be more pumped for the game than their Sooner counterparts. Bedlam just means more to them. For OSU fans, it's the game of the year – the one opportunity they to have to defeat the evil, dreaded, more successful rival to the south. For them, OU is the Empire and they're the good guy Rebel Alliance that's hell-bent on taking it all down.

Fortunately, Bedlam is more like the Empire Strikes Back than any other Star Wars movie. The Empire almost always wins. As every OSU fan knows, OU dominates the series. This makes OSU fans extra fiery, and causes some of them to hang stupid signs at the Student Union like this...

Yep, DeDe and Westbrook and Baker Mayfield bang dudes. That's cool and everything, but what the sign doesn't tell you is those dudes they're banging are OSU frat boys!!!

HAHA!!! ZING!!! BOOMER SOONER SLAM!!! My inappropriate homophobic insult totally trumps your inappropriate homophobic sign!!! #OSUHATEWEEK #BEDLAM

Seriously, though, it's 2016. Who outside of an Oklahoma lawmaker really cares who or what DeDe and Baker bangs? I'd much rather find out they're banging dudes than some of the girls you see at Eskimo Joes on a Friday night! At least most dudes still have their teeth!!!

HAHA!!! ZING!!! BOOMER SOONER!!! My inappropriate misogynistic insult totally trumps your inappropriate homophobic sign!!! #OSUHATEWEEK #BEDLAM

Okay, I may have taken that a bit too far, but it's trash talk and I'm clearly joking, so it's okay. Also, I forgot Baker once dated an OSU girl. I'm sure her teeth are real and very pretty.

Anyway, you can read more about the sign here at OU Daily. They take the overly sensitive 21st-century college student angle to it. I can't blame them for getting upset. I think inappropriate comments and tasteless jokes about banging dudes should stay on the Internet and Facebook where they belong.



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