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The DOC wants $800,000,000 to build more prisons…


Today in absurd requests from government agencies, I present this gem via KFOR:

Oklahoma Department of Corrections wants $800,000,000 to build two new prisons

Old, outdated and overcrowded - that’s what state officials said sums up the condition of the state prison system.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is asking for $800,000,000 to tackle those problems and build two new prisons.

$800,000,000 for two new prisons? Yeah, and I want $800,000,000 to build a weather-themed amusement park for Emily Sutton. Aint gonna happen.

“With facilities that are in need of $2 billion of infrastructure needs, two new prisons are definitely needed,” said Alex Gerszweski, DOC.

He said overcrowding is a main concern with and prisons are 109 percent full...

109% full? Hmmn. This may sound like a crazy idea, but maybe instead of spending $800,000,000 on new prisons, we should focus on not locking up so many of our citizens.

"Andre" Speno agrees:

But, those against adding more prisons said doing so would be taking a step back.

Oklahoma recently approved two state questions aimed at decreasing incarceration.

“So, to go and built two new prisons is the equivalent of buying two big bottles of Jack Daniels the day after you decide to stop drinking. It’s inconsistent with our goals,” said Andre Speno, Right on Crime Initiative.

Seriously? "Andre" Speno? Did "Drew" decide to change his name to "Dre," or did someone at KFOR drink a couple of bottles of whiskey while producing this story?

Anyway, I'd set the odds that the DOC gets all the money they requested at about 800,000,000 to one. That may seem kind of high, but it's the end of this article and figured that would be a good way to wrap it up.

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