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Angry Deer Attempts Break Out Of Stillwater American Eagle…

For some reason, the American Eagle in Stillwater had a deer in its store yesterday. I'm pretty sure his name was Dasher or Blitzen, because the crazy mofo tried to make a run for it.

When I saw this on Twitter, I honestly thought it was fake CGI bullshit. Then I saw this story on News on 6:

A deer crashes through a Stillwater store's window Thursday evening and it was caught on video.

It happened at the American Eagle store on North Perkins Road at about 8 p.m.

The buck had apparently gotten trapped inside the store and did a few laps before jumping through the front window.

Well, if the TV news media covers it, the story must be true. Although I have to ask, how exactly does a deer get trapped inside a frat boy clothing store? Oh wait, this is Stillwater. I forgot they kind of like their deer up there.

That explains a lot.

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