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John Bennett suggests veteran move to Middle East and become suicide bomber…

11:58 AM EST on November 7, 2016

John-Bennett mic

Last week, Oklahoma State Rep and noted Islamaphobe John Bennett shared his opinion about Hillary Clinton with two choice words on Facebook – firing squad.

Following our "exclusive" report, the legitimate media smelled a good page view and pressed Bennett for further clarification. He explained to News 9 that his comments were "barracks talk." That makes sense. What member of the military doesn't joke about executing a presidential candidate from time to time when sleeping in the barracks.

According to The Oklahoman, Bennett passed off his comments on "sarcasm." Yeah, that's right. Sarcasm. He's a regular old Chandler Bing, isn't he? I think the correct word he was looking for was "stupidity."

Bennett also mansplained his interpretation of patriotism to KFOR.

“It’s just absolutely ridiculous that anybody would take what I posted on there and try to turn it into what they are turning it into. I just said what most people in America feel, at least most patriotic American’s feel,” Bennett said.

Yes, what proud patriot doesn't sarcastically call for the assassination of a former first lady! Kill Hillary!!! 'Merica!!! Sarcasm!!!

In our original article about Bennett's "sarcastic" comments, one reader left the following comment:


No way. Are we really supposed to believe that John Bennett –  a conservative, principled, elected public official – would tell a fellow veteran to move to the Middle East and blow himself up? That can't be possible, right? He'd at least be more detailed and name specific countries.

I asked the Mole to send us the email exchange. He did. Check it out:


Okay, that's kind of a rude email to send to someone you don't know. At least start it off with a compliment. Then again, Bennett is an elected official. Dealing with angry emails from constituents is part of the job. Knowing that, Bennett obviously took the high road and addressed the citizen's concern with the class and dignity you'd expect from an ex-marine. There's no way he'd respond with cheap sarcasm and more barracks talk.

Check out his response:


Holy shit! He did respond with barracks talk and sarcasm. As a man who makes a living with sarcasm I can't fault him for that. It's a natural response. Everyone does it. If you disagree, go hijack a plane and fly it into a building! Hehe. Sarcasm.

Seriously, though, what is this guy doing? Whether you're being serious or sarcastic, you probably shouldn't suggest that a voter move to the Middle East and get a job as a suicide bomber. First of all, it's a very dangerous gig. Second, it makes you look like a deranged jackass. Outside of the majority of Oklahoma voters who think Hillary Clinton should be executed by a firing squad, how could anyone vote for this guy?

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