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Preston Doerflinger has a need to speed…


I think we found a new star for Street Outlaws!

We've learned via the Ogle Mole Network that embattled Oklahoma Budget Secretary Preston Doerflinger – one of the most powerful non-elected officials in Oklahoma and a key advisor to Mary Fallin – was ticketed for speeding in his black Range Rover in Tulsa County on October 16. He was also cited for not having insurance verification. You can view the tickets here and here.

The citations come just four months after Doerflinger was charged with driving in Tulsa County with a revoked license. If you remember correctly, his license was revoked thanks to a DUI-related charge that we first reported in 2015. Here's The Oklahoman article about that one.

Normally, a powerful non-elected public official being charged with minor traffic infractions wouldn't be a big deal. We've all probably been hit with a speeding ticket a time or two, and just writing this article reminded me that I need to put new insurance verification cards in my car.

That being said, Preston Doerflinger isn't very normal – especially when it comes to obeying the laws of the road. As we've pointed out in the past, he has a very extensive and well documented history of speeding tickets and other infractions. Here's a tally of all his citations that we know about (a.k.a. the ones entered into OSCN)...


Dear God, I wonder how much this guy's car insurance is each month!? That driving record has so many red marks it would make the Geico Gecko shed it's skin. It would give Flo from Progressive PTSD.

Okay, I'm just joking around. Doerflinger didn't have verification cards when he was pulled over, so there's a decent chance he doesn't even have insurance. That wouldn't surprise me. If one state is going to have an uninsurable budget director, you'd have to assume it would be Oklahoma.

Anyway, I think we're the first media outlet to break the story, so I guess we'll learn more about this (and any possible ramifications) once the legitimate media starts looking into things. For example, I wonder how these citations impact the plea deal he received from his DUI-related arrest in 2015? Get on it, news folks!

While we wait for that to happen, I'll repeat the same question that I had back in June...

If we can’t count on Doerflinger to obey laws, have car insurance, wear a seatbelt, or pay attention to letters that clearly state his license is being revoked, how exactly can we trust him to oversee the state budget? The answer is we can’t. Mary Fallin needs to do the right thing (something I know she struggles with) and get rid of Preston Doerflinger. If his mishandling of the budget hasn’t convinced her, this latest incident should. The people of Oklahoma deserve better.

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