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Now John Bennett wants to execute Hillary Clinton…


Well, I guess we know how John Bennett is going to vote on SQ 776.

Yesterday, Oklahoma's beloved crazy ex-marine Islamophobe militiaman lawmaker John Bennett pulled a crazy uncle and shared a 2015 alt-right news article about Hillary Clinton and Benghazi on Facebook. He included two words of commentary with the post.

Check it out:


2 words. .. wacko nutjob.

Seriously, isn't that great? I would be more concerned that we have an elected official parading around on Facebook calling for the execution of a presidential candidate via firing squad, but remember, we're supposed to be scared and worried about Muslims now.

The only thing better than Bennett's comments were his crazy alt right friends who liked and commented on his status. First we have Laura DeAnn Asbill-Caulk from Roland, Oklahoma:


And Carol Gann from Oklahoma:


In addition to being the inspiration for Onion articles, Carol Gann is also a hypocrite:


I'm not a certified therapist or anything, but maybe Carol should start following her own advice and stop inventing stuff with her small mind.

John Bennett likes to play the hypocrisy game, too. A few hours before he suggested we execute the Democratic nominee for President, he shared a Bible verse about compassion:


Yes, the lord showers compassion on all his creation! He is gentle and loving and full of mercy towards you and me! Now let's go shoot up Hillary Clinton with a firing squad! Ooh Rah!!! Freedom!!! 'Merica!!!

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