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Woman files $75,000 lawsuit against David Stanley…


That was fast!

Back in August, we told you the story of Chickasha resident Gena Downey. She was duped by a David Stanley salesperson into driving 45 minutes to the dealership to buy a car for $88, only to learn the whole thing was a big ruse that involved a raffle, musical chairs, and being bored for hours. Remember that ordeal? Here's our post about it.

I guess Gina was pretty upset by the experience, because she recently filed a lawsuit against David Stanley in Cleveland County seeking $75,000. She claims she suffered "emotional and physical distress" and "public shame and embarrassment" after falling for the ruse. She also alleges the dealership violated the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act and "committed actual and/or constructive fraud" by not being up front and explaining all the details of the $88 sales gimmick.

Normally, this is the part of the post where I quote more details about the lawsuit via a local news source like NewsOK, News 9 or even KFOR, but as we all know, the local media isn't allowed to report negative things about David Stanley (Example 1 & Example 2) because the autogroup spends millions a year in local print, radio, TV and digital advertising.

Instead, let's just watch a sad group of people who probably have less than stellar credit play a demeaning game of musical chairs in an effort to score extra raffle tickets to win a $88 clunker...

The $88 Slasher Drawing ?

Posted by David Stanley Dodge of Norman on Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Wow. That still makes me cringe. If you ask me, the people in that video (including MC Beat Box) are the ones who really experienced "public shame and embarrassment." Gina's lawyer should contact them.

Anyway, you can view the entire lawsuit here. I honestly have no clue if Gina has a chance or not, but it will be interesting to see what happens. If she wins, maybe the rest of us can file a class action for the "emotional and physical distress" caused by Rob Stanley's voice and the dealership's commercials. We are all owed a little bit of money for putting up with that crap over the years...

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