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TLO Poll: What part of the country does Oklahoma belong to?


A few weeks ago, Vox posted a unscientific reader poll to determine what unfortunate group of states belong to the humid, mouth-breathing cesspool known as the south. Even though our people and lawmakers do just about everything possible to make it feel like Oklahoma belongs with the Alabamas, Mississippis and Georgias of the world, Vox readers disagreed. Oklahoma fell 500 votes shy from being considered deep in the heart of dixie.

Here's what Vox had to say:

Is Oklahoma its own region?

Fifty-one percent of readers thought Oklahoma wasn't Southern; it was shy about 514 votes to cross over. The Sooner State fared worse in our previous region survey, in which 82 percent of voters said it wasn't part of the Midwest. Poor Oklahoma, neither Midwestern nor Southern.

Vox brings up a good point. What the hell is Oklahoma? Based on all the truck nuts and cowboy hats I see driving down I-40, I'd lean southwest. That being said, ask someone else and you may get an entirely different answer. For example, someone who lives in Jenks may go with Midwest, someone who designs license plates may go Mountain West, and some Confederate Flag waving yeehaw from Doorant who loves nothing more than to brag about southern heritage while drinking a Budweiser would go Southern. It's like we took some of the good and most of the bad of other regions, mixed them together with some bitters and Texas grapefruit, and came out with crazy, unidentifiable, hangover-inducing cocktail we are today.

To get to the bottom of this and find out where Oklahoma truly belongs during the next Civil War, I thought we should ask TLO readers to give us their opinion as to where we belong. Take the poll after the jump:

Anyway, we'll check back in a few weeks to see what TLO readers think. Thanks for voting / playing along.

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