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Now everyone gets to pray during Oilfield Prayer Day!!!


It looks like Oilfield Prayer Day is going to be quite the party!

One week after we alerted the Internet to the facepalming absurdity of October 13th being designated Oilfield Prayer Day across Oklahoma, Mary Fallin has revised the original proclamation to now include people of all faiths, and not just white Republican Christians who own mineral rights in western Oklahoma.


A proclamation by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin inviting Christians to pray for the oil and natural gas industry will be amended to be more inclusive of other faiths, the governor said Monday.

The two-term Republican said the proclamation declaring Thursday "Oilfield Prayer Day" will be revised to invite people of all faiths to pray for the industry, which has seen a recent decline.

"There was some question about whether it was one particular faith or another, so we just amended it to say all faiths," Fallin said.

That's awesome! Is Mary Fallin becoming a more welcoming, open-minded person, or is she just a gaffe-prone, desperate politician wilting to public pressure as her career and legacy crumbles around her like limestone falling off the Oklahoma capitol building. It has to be one of the two, right?

Seriously, though, good move by Mary Fallin. It's about time she does something that's welcoming to people of other faiths. That being said, isn't there some rule in the Bible that says we're not supposed to worship other gods? I would go check the 10 Commandments Monument on our Capitol steps to make sure, but I think they took it down because it violated the constitution or something.

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