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Oklahoma State Senator trolls local artist on Facebook…

12:21 PM EDT on October 10, 2016


The man pictured above leading Sally Kern, James Lankford and something called a Todd Lamb in prayer is State Senator Bill Brown. A resident of Broken Arrow, Brown is a loyal Republican, member of the legislature's famed Derplahoman Caucus, and apparently still trying to figure out how Facebook works.

Early on Sunday morning, a probably hungover local artist named Romy Owens thought it would be fun to wake up, remove the "shift" key from her keyboard, and share some thoughts about Donald Trump on Facebook. It was pretty standard anti-Trump fair:


Let's be honest, Trump's an awful dude and one of the most successful con men in history, but that's an unfair, generalized, stereotypical statement. Although 100% of all alt-right racist Christian homophobes are Trump supporters, not all Trump supporters are alt-right racist Christian homophobes. For example, some of his supporters may just be regular Christian homophobes. Make sense?

Romy's comment didn't set to well with State Senator Bill Brown. Even though he and Romy aren't Facebook friends and have never met in real life or in Minecraft, the demented Facebook algorithm decided to stir up some shit and include her post on his feed. As a result, Senator Brown fell into the Facebook political talk wormhole and shared his two-cents on the matter...


Take that, Romy! If someone you don't know does not share your beliefs, you demonize them. Oh, and by the way, you are a racist!!!

Seriously, no wonder our state faces an education funding crisis, high-unemployment and an earthquake epidemic. Our lawmakers are so stupid they can't even troll a Facebook page without looking like hypocritical idiots. We really are screwed.

After Romy and her friends tried to engage in a debate, Brown suggested that people who disagree with him should just move out the state, because you know, democracy:


You don't like it here in Oklahoma? Then give up and move away like all the teachers, college graduates and professional basketball players who are looking for better employment and opportunity do! As all of our happy, successful friends who live out of state can attest, it's really not that bad of a plan!

After comments from people debating if this was his real Facebook account, and a suggestion that he move back to the 19th century, Bill Brown decided to double-down on the hypocrisy:


Yeah, the guy who hopped on the Facebook page of a woman he didn't know and called her a racist is "not the one doing the attacking and demonizing." He simply wants to "debate issues" and not "attack ones you disagree with," which, uhm, is what he exactly did.

I'm not the only one who noted the hypocrisy.


At this point, Romy decided to chime in on the situation:


Hey, look at that! Romy tagged us in her comment! That's cool. Although the liberal hipster art crowd in OKC doesn't always seem to like all our content or style (because they're racist), it's nice to see that they still look to us when it comes to exposing Derplahoman lawmaker for being asshole hypocritical FB trolls. Remember that the next time you criticize Hot Girl Friday.

After our name was dropped, Bill became a little more civil and tried to placate the crowd:


It didn't work. Romy and her friends countered with a group assault on the troll that would make Gandalf proud. He responded with this:


I know I'm not a Derplahoman politician who likes to fight losing arguments on Facebook, but the fact that a simpleton like Bill can run for office and get re-elected does make it look pretty damn easy. The only thing you have to do is use fear to brainwash alt-right racists Christian homophobes (a.k.a. 70% of Oklahoma voters) and you have it made!

Anyway, if you want to grab a bag of Michael Jackson's popcorn and follow the entire thread, you can do so here. If you want to look for homes in California, New York or even Colorado, you can do that here. Let me know if you find anything. Maybe we can become roommates.

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