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Edmond is finally getting affordable luxury boat storage…


Times are tough across Oklahoma. Unemployment rates remain high, people are struggling to make ends meet, and finding a suitable luxury storage unit for your boat, classic car and other man toys is still hard to find. Fortunately, an Edmond businessman has come up with a solution for these problems.

Via News 9:

A new car development set for Edmond is revving the engines of local car collectors.

It’s called “My Garage” and will be located near Thomas Rd. and Covell Rd. in North Edmond.

The plans call for luxury living for your car, boat or other “toys” you don’t have room for at home. Owners will not be allowed to live in their units, but can customize their space with a kitchen, bathroom and entertainment area.

The car condo concept has been a hit in other cities, according to the developer of “My Garage”.

“In every market that we’ve looked at, they are sold out. There’s waiting lists,” said Developer Mark Baumann, who also said these developments have turned into “man cave” communities.

Baumann’s plan calls for 90 to 100 climate controlled units in the first two phases of the project. An “owners only” clubhouse will also be featured.

The 900-1200 sq./ft. units can also be combined depending on space needed...

That's great. I can't wait to tell my parents about this. Maybe they'll move the pond hopper out of the garage and give me more room to practice my blogging craft.

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