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Mary Fallin was booed at the OSU – Texas game…


This past Saturday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin traveled to Stillwater to kiss some cousins, chew tobacco and watch her alma mater's football team, The Boone Pickens Cowboys, take on the Texas Longhorns. During the second half of the game, she ventured on the field to help Verizon present a $20,000 check to "Feeding Oklahoma" – a non-profit organization that provides soup, bread crumbs and ramen noodles to struggling teachers who can't afford to buy food or other daily necessities.

Here's her tweet about it.


That's sweet. It's nice to see Mary Fallin at least pretend to care about the poor and less fortunate. Let's hope she also asked Verizon to help pay for our state's crumbling infrastructure, education or health insurance for the 111,000 people Mary cut from Medicaid because she wanted to play politics with their lives.

Normally, you'd expect an incumbent politician to receive a cheerful applause when presenting a $20,000 check to charity during a football game inside her alma mater's stadium, but as we know, Mary Fallin isn't your normal governor. Instead of cheers, she received a resounding chorus of boos! Although we have yet to uncover glorious footage like we did for the Love's Kiss Cam incident, I did score this SnapChat video that was recorded as the on-field presentation was winding down.

According to the Mole who captured the video, they were not able to get the phone out and record until the boos were winding down. That's why you don't hear them. That being said, you can definitely hear a disgruntled grumble in the crowd. And if you listen closely, you can also hear a man yell "Get off the field." I bet he was just referring to the official with the big orange glove who's in charge of TV timeouts.

Although the video doesn't capture the chorus of boos, we do know they happened. Check out these tweets:

I'm not going to lie. The fact that Mary was booed in Stillwater shocks me. I know she's unpopular, but I didn't know she was that unpopular. If it doesn't perfectly illustrate the awful job she's done serving the people of her state, I'm not sure what does.

Anyway, we're still looking for better audio or video of the incident. Do you have anything that you want to send us? Where you at the game and want to file a field report? Are you a teacher who needs some can goods? If so, send us an email to TheLostOgle at gmail dot com and become a member of The Ogle Mole Network.

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