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Trump sign stealer on the loose in Del City!

12:09 PM EDT on September 23, 2016


Attention all Del City residents. Lock the doors, hide the children, and arm the alarm system – there's a Trump sign stealer in your area! And, well, you live in Del City so you should probably take those precautions anyway.

This time around, the brave hero is staying away from the four-wheeler riding Yee-Haws in Pottawattamie county and targeting angry white military men in Del City. I'm not sure which group is more dangerous.


1salty paul folger

Sorry. Channel 5 doesn't have the budget to include an accompanying print story or even the technology to embed videos, so I thought it would be fitting just to give them the old Paul Folger stink eye.

Although I hate Trump and appreciate this sign burglar's bravery, I implore him and all other hooligans to stop stealing Trump signs. Once again, it's America and people have the right to proudly embarrass themselves by informing their neighbors that they support a diabolical lunatic for president. Plus, as I mentioned in the past, I want to see where these Trump supporters live so I know where to send my dogs to take a shit.

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