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The Dodgers are “going down” to the PCL Championship Series…

12:15 PM EDT on September 13, 2016


Outside of making fun of their horrible mascot choices (just look at those stupid things), we don't cover the Oklahoma City Dodgers too much on this website. This is for a couple of key reasons.

1. It's minor league baseball. Major league baseball is boring enough. Minor league baseball is even worse. Nobody cares.

2. They're called the Dodgers. I'm a long-suffering, now cautiously optimistic Chicago Cubs fan who's preparing for some mid-October heartbreak that will more than likely ironically come at the mitts of the real Dodgers, so why they hell would I want to promote or support a local team called the Dodgers? If they change the name back to the 89ers all is forgiven.

Despite all that, I'd like to congratulate the Oklahoma City Dodgers for making the Pacific Coast League Championship series against the El Paso Chihuahuas (seriously). According to this email blast by the Dodgers, the players celebrated the achievement in style:


Hahaha. Does the headline make sense now? "Going Down" to the PCL Championship Series. Get it? It's funny because it looks like that one Dodgers enthusiastically wants the other Dodger to perform felatio on him before they even make it to the clubhouse. I'm so clever, huh?

Anyway, Game 1 of the PCL Championship Series is tonight in El Paso. I really hope they win the series. I guess it would be good for Oklahoma City, and I can't wait to see what graphics the Dodgers marketing department comes up with next.

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