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Norman Travel Guide for Ohio State Fans

10:51 AM EDT on September 13, 2016


Apparently the Sooners are going to play a different OSU this Saturday, and a whole lot of fans will be coming to town to watch the game. In fact, Ohio State has sold out Lloyd-Noble Center for a Buckeye pep rally.

Sweet. It's about time a university sold out the Lloyd Noble Center for a sporting event! It's a shame it isn't OU!

Actually, Jake Trotter's tweet was a bit misleading. The pep rally is sold out, but it's only for 800 fans:

800? 12,000? Same difference. Since we here at The Lost Ogle have elected ourselves the online welcome wagon, we thought we'd give our Buckeye visitors a comprehensive guide of the best things for them to do while they're in town this weekend. We hope you enjoy your stay!


Best Pizza: Little Caesar’s

It's like they always say: You get what you pay for, and at Little Caesar's, you get the best $5 hot and ready pizza money can buy! Also, whatever you do, stay away from Pizza Shuttle. It's disgusting.


red dog

Best Burger: Red Dog Cafe

Okay, technically this is in Oklahoma City, but you can't beat a Red Dog burger. It's worth the drive.



Best Brewery: BJ’s Brewhouse

If you're a real #cool kid who likes to cut loose and have a couple of brewskies, then look no further than BJ's. Located on the west side of town, BJ's is the sort of hopping place that's great for wetting your whistle in the company of a real hip crowd. Just avoid the cell phones people may leave on the ground



Best Place to Get Some Nature: Lake Thunderbird

Sure, it may be a little too cold to swim, but you can still enjoy all the other great things that late summer in the outdoors has to offer -- like mosquitos, giardia and dead bodies. Hehe. Just kidding. Lake Thunderbird is called the Destin / Santa Monica / Key West of Oklahoma.



Best Family Dining: Sugers

Located across from the alley from Fuzzy's, this Campus Corner treasure is a favorite of local legends like Al Eschbach, Barry Switzer and Jenni Carlson. They have delicious wings.



Best Shopping: Sears in Sooner Mall

Maybe you'd like to do a bit of shopping while you're in town. If so, I can't say enough good things about Sears. Who doesn't want to buy something from the Kardashian's department store line while simultaneously looking for the correct air filter for your lawn mower?



Best Street for Cruising: Lindsey Ave.

Lindsey is everyone's favorite road in Norman! The residents love it so much that they would never dream of avoiding it. Cruise up and down all day and see what all the fuss is about!



Best Tourist Attraction: The National Weather Center

Have you ever been to the place where they make the tornadoes? It's so fun to watch as they come down the conveyor belt.



Best Hotel: Sooner Legends

Just like the name says, it's the sort of place is definitely a legend. Enjoy the restaurant and bar, and then head on up to your room for a night relaxing in the lap of luxury! We'd recommend the Uwe Von Schamann Suite.

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