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This Commie wants a Commie license plate…

6:56 AM EDT on September 9, 2016


The guy pictured above is local communist Zakk Luttrell. He made the news this week when his application for a personalized license plate with the word "COMMIE" on it was rejected by the hardcore capitalists at the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Here are the details via

An Oklahoma man is challenging the state's denial of his request to have a personalized license plate reading, "COMMIE."

The word, which is an informal and usually disapproving shorthand for communist, is not appropriate for a license plate, according to a finding of the Motor Vehicle Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Oklahoma said Thursday it has filed a request on behalf of its client, Zakk Luttrell, of Norman, for an administrative hearing to contest that decision.

In its denial, the state division said the license plate would violate subparts 2 and 6 of the Non-offensive content policy, which require that a vanity plate not include “contempt, ridicule, or superiority based on race, gender, politics, ethnic heritage, or religion,” and “isn't otherwise appropriate for a state-issued plate,” respectively.

I think I speak for all the normal people in Oklahoma when I ask, "Who the fuck cares?" If this guy wants to broadcast to the freedom lovin' capitalistic tea party militiamen stuck behind him in traffic on Boyd Street that he's a communist, all power to him. Godspeed you red emperor! The worst thing that could happen is some kid asking a parent what "Commie" means, and then the parent having to educate their kid about the policies of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That being said, can't this guy display his love for communism in some other way? Whether you're making a political statement, spelling your first name, or trying to quote a movie catchphrase in only 7 characters, there's nothing worse than a personalized license plate. The people who get them are the same types who wear their favorite band's t-shirt to their favorite band's concert. They should be rounded up and sent to prison camps in Siberia.

But seriously, why can't Zakk just throw a hammer and sickle decal and maybe a Lenin fish on the back bumper of his Lada
and be done with it. Or better yet, just order one of those "46 Star" specialty plates. They are red, include a five-pointed star, and feature a latin phrase that translates to "Labor Conquers All." The only thing it's missing is a subtle illustration in the background showing peasants plowing their fields. Sure, it may not get Zakk the attention and publicity of a rejected license plate, but it's a good alternative.

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