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Hot Girl Friday: Jessica Alba

Every now and then, some hot girl at a bar will ask for my favorite story in TLO history. I always tell them it's the one where we informed the world that Jessica Alba was the person behind those mysterious great white shark posters that popped up in downtown OKC in 2009. Remember that one?


I tell girls it's my favorite post because...

A) Hot Girls at Bars Know Who Jessica Alba Is

Seriously, what else am I supposed to tell them? The time we busted Skip Bayless over-exaggerating his high school basketball career? The Jim Traber Drinking Game? The Serge Ibaka Thunder Bulge Pic? That wouldn't get me anywhere!

B) It's the truth.

Although we had already built a small following by then, that post kind of put us on the map. The local media had to give us credit for scooping them, and a whole lot more people learned about The Lost Ogle. Also, not to get all sappy and nostalgic, but the Alba post takes me back to a pre-social media age when TLO was simply a part-time hobby with no pressure and no business model. It was just something fun to do. It wasn't a job / work / albatross hanging around my... you know what, I'll talk more about this topic with my therapist next week.

I bring all this up because Jessica Alba was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. I found the whole thing kind of amusing. In June of 2009, Jessica Alba was an A-list actress having to apologize to the Oklahoma City for vandalizing our city with white shark posters and I was a marketing/communications guy for a medical lab sneaking out of work meetings to frantically call our hosting company and increase our server capacity. Now, seven years later, Jessica Alba is an A-list actress and co-founder of a billion-dollar company, and I'm a D-list blogger who's been sued by a weatherman and has to resort to gimmicks like Hot Girl Friday to grab some easy web traffic. It's kind of funny how life turns out.

Here are some more pics of Jessica Alba – one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood history – after the jump. She's our Hot Girl Friday.


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