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Mission Accomplished: Oklahoma is solving the earthquake crisis

As I like to point out every now and then on this site, the state of Oklahoma is controlled by the energy industry. In addition to overseeing all levels of Oklahoma government, from the Governor's office to the halls of the legislature to local city councils, they also use their influence and power to keep a leash on the local media.

That's why we now get comical editorials like this one that appeared in The Oklahoman on August 16th, a mere 19 days before that terrifying 5.6-rocker struck Pawnee:

Oklahoma on the right course in addressing earthquakes

As of the middle of last week, Oklahoma had experienced 110 fewer magnitude-3.0 and greater earthquakes this year than it had during the same period of time in 2015. Why that's so, exactly, is up for debate.

We would like to think new regulations regarding the disposal of wastewater have something to do with it...

The USGS said last week there had been 448 magnitude-3.0 or greater quakes in Oklahoma to date, compared with 558 through early August of last year.

Yep, you heard it in The Oklahoman first! Despite the fact that strong earthquakes are still occurring and pose a risk to life, property and well-being, we're on the right course! Now please turn a blind eye, look the other way, and put your head in the sand. The energy industry and the politicians they control got this. Mission accomplished!

If you want a good laugh, you can read the rest of editorial here. I think in journalism school they stress that editorials shouldn't look so dated and wrong less than a month after they're published, but when you chose to promote energy industry propaganda over a proper analysis of facts, data, and reality, things like that can happen.

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