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State Lawmakers don’t want an auditor at the Capitol…

11:22 AM EDT on September 1, 2016

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One of the few things Oklahoma legislators and Governors were able to accomplish over the last couple of years was approve a $245-million renovation of our crumbling, antiquated State Capitol, which symbolically speaking, always seemed like the perfect home for the people trying to run our state into the ground.

With renovations now underway, some divisions are being asked to find new places to waste taxpayer money. The first to go? The auditors:

Oklahoma state Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones says his office is being booted from the state Capitol building.

"We basically got our eviction notice," an obviously upset Jones said Monday. "The House, the Senate and OMES (Office of Management and Enterprise Services) have decided that there's no space for the auditor's office anymore."

Jones said he was shocked Monday when he was told that his office will have to move at the close of the next legislative session.

Jones said members of his staff weren't invited to participate in the decision-making process and that the news they would have to move was delivered by Preston Doerflinger, state secretary of finance, and Trait Thompson, Capitol project manager.

Jones speculated that House and Senate leaders and OMES officials may be forcing him to move as retaliation for him having criticized their past spending.< “I think obviously it's political in the fact they don't feel like we're important enough to have space in the Capitol,” Jones said. “As to whether it's vindictive, I can't help but think that it is. Maybe we've been a little too vocal talking about how much money the House and Senate is spending, along with others. I'm talking about the raises that have been given by OMES — the huge raises whenever we were supposed to be cutting back.”

Yeah, I'm sure politics probably had something to do with it, but whether you're an Oklahoma lawmaker, CEO of a Fortune 500 company or ice cream scooper at Braum's, nobody wants to work in the same building as those lifeless, soul sucking creatures known as auditors. Seriously, they're the worst. They show up with little to no warning, and while armed with calculators, notebook computers, and drab, lifeless frowns, take over empty cubicles and office rooms while passive-aggressively scrolling through every spreadsheet, quality control document or Concur spending report in hopes that you did something wrong or unethical. Screw those stupid rule followers!

As the report in The Oklahoman mentions, the decision was delivered to Auditor Jones by Mary Fallin's right hand man, Preston Doerflinger. In a an effort to show how ineffective she is a leader, and demonstrate the lack of control she has over her own disastrous administration, Mary Fallin is now saying she disagrees with the action plan that her own direct reports put in place:

Controversy over a plan to force the state auditor's office to move from the Capitol building continued to escalate Wednesday with some key Senate and House leaders insisting they had nothing to do with the decision.

Meanwhile, Gov. Mary Fallin weighed in on the issue Wednesday, saying she believes the state auditor's office should remain in the Capitol.

“Certainly I think it is important for a state elected official to have an office in the Capitol,” Fallin said.

Fallin said she was unaware of a plan to move the auditor's office out of the Capitol building until she read about it in the newspaper.

Haha. That's funny. Mary Fallin really expects us to believe she reads the newspaper. Once again, will somebody tell her Oklahoma City Friday doesn't count?

Anyway, if you're looking for another example as to why Oklahoma has turned into such a shit hole over the past couple of years and has some of the worst elected leadership in the country, read the rest of The Oklahoman article. Our elected officials are so incompetent and disorganized that they can't even agree who to blame. That's Politics 101! Always have a scapegoat!

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