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Merle from Mounds removed his racist theft deterrent nooses…

2:49 PM EDT on August 16, 2016

merle noose

In this week's installment of racist stuff that always seems to happen in Oklahoma, we present Merle from Mounds. Apparently old Merle was getting sick and tired of burglars stealing moonshine, rusty nails and old license plates from his barn, so he did what any naive small town Oklahoma racist would do – he hung three nooses from a tree next to the highway along with a sign that read "It's best not to be hanging around this area after dark."

Get it? Hanging around? That's funny because nooses are used to hang and kill people!!! Who cares that they also symbolize the lynchings of blacks throughout American history, there's nothing wrong with a good ole' pun. I'm sure the Elk City teacher who gave his black buddy a Klan robe and Confederate flag at an education conference can't stop laughing.

Here are more details from via the AP:

A display of nooses has shocked motorists along an Oklahoma highway.

Tulsa television station KJRH reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says he's been a victim of crime in the past. Martindale says the display is not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.

But driver Terrance Reed Sr. says a noose in America represents what used to happen to African Americans. Reed says he considers the display to be an attack on his heritage.

Driver Dennis Varner says the display also bothered him. Varner says the display is discrimination and America shouldn't put up with it.

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice says Martindale isn't breaking any law by having the display.

Martindale's wife said Sunday the display had been removed.

Okay, it's good that Merle's wife and kids convinced him to take down his racist theft deterrent, but that's still ridiculous. First of all, how can people still be that stupid and naive? Second, why didn't he just stick an alarm company sign in his flower bed like everyone else? That always keep thieves and burglars away, and it's not racist.

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