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Joe Dorman is now selling midget condoms…

joe dorman

Just a few years ago, Smokin' Joe Dorman was a rising star in the Oklahoma Democratic Party. As a long time State Rep from Rush Springs, the lady's man turned politician introduced bold legislation to name the Watermelon the State Vegetable, "Do You Realize" the State Rock Song, and Raven the State Stripper Name. He also unsuccessfully fought to get storm shelters in all Oklahoma public schools, which of course failed because in Oklahoma we don't really care about protecting the lives and psyches of kids all that much. Well, unless they haven't been born yet.

In 2014, after facing a crowded field of zero primary opponents, he was the Democratic nominee for governor. Crisscrossing the state in an old beat up Chevy S10 on a "Hey, at least I'm not Mary Fallin" campaign platform, he received 338,000 votes (approximately 10% of the voting-age population) to Mary Fallin's 460,298 (approximately 15% of the voting age population).

Since then, things have been up and down for Joe. After being term-limited in the State House, he's been looking for more reliable employment. He did the OBAMAphone thing, and recently, he's been gathering signatures for the Medical Marijuana Petition. He's also attempted to launch his own line of novelty midget condoms.

Wait. What? Check it out:

joe dorman midget man condom

First of all, I should probably specify that this is a very real product that I think you can buy at any neighborhood Patricia's Store. They're located next to Aaron Tuttle's line of personal lubricants.

I should also specify that although the person on the box looks exactly like Joe Dorman, I honestly have no clue if that's him or not. I know Joe was a nude model for the OU art department when he was first starting out in politics and needed the money, so maybe he inspired a cartoonist or something.

Anyway, I bring all this up for very selfish reasons. Joe Dorman will be a special guest host tomorrow night for TLO Trivia Night at The 51st St. Speakeasy! In addition to helping us ask questions, he'll be gathering signatures for the newest medical marijuana petition being passed around the state. If you've been looking for an excuse to play trivia, haven't been in a while, or simply want to help get medical marijuana legalized in this state while you drink beer, eat food and have a couple of obnoxious jerks ask you trivia questions, come out. We'll even give three bonus points to any team that brings some midget condoms out for Joe to autograph. The fun starts at 8:00pm.

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