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Uh oh, Braum’s needs help naming their ice cream cone combinations…


When you consider that most Braum's advertisements look like they were designed in Quark, and their most memorable ad campaigns features a cute, smiley, all-American girl being wiped away by a semi-truck (or Ernest), it's probably not a big surprise that the Braum's marketing department is resorting to a dreaded contest to name some of the eatery's double-dip ice cream cone combinations.

Via Braum's:


Choose your two favorite flavors, give them a clever name, and submit your entry! It’s as easy as pie ice cream. Enter as many times as you would like. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality.

For example, you could pair Pineapple Upside Down Cake Frozen Yogurt + Orange Sherbet and name it “Island in the Sun.” Hello, genius!

Yeah, I hate to break it to Drew Braum's marketing intern, but "Island in the Sun" is not genius. It's cliché. That being said, I do like the idea of naming all future Braum's ice cream products after Weezer songs. I can't wait to try the El Scorcho Mix (vanilla soft serve mixed with Sriracha and wasabi peas), Hash Pipe Malt (black cookie crumbles and powdered oregano) and Pork and Beans Sundae (two scoops of vanilla bean topped with pulled pork, pickles and Head Country BBQ sauce). Hello, Genius!

The prizes for the contest are pretty great. The winner gets a year's supply of Braum's ice cream, while the loser has to clean and sanitize the ketchup station at their nearest Braum's.

Here's a full breakdown.


The Grand Prize winner will receive coupons for 52 free cartons of ice cream. Plus, the winning flavor combination will be featured in the contest winner’s hometown store.

2nd place will receive a combo meal, an ice cream treat, and a $50 Braum’s gift card.

3rd place will receive a combo meal, an ice cream treat, and a $25 Braum’s gift card.

4th place will receive a combo meal, an ice cream treat, and a $10 Braum’s gift card.

10 honorable mentions will receive a free combo meal and an ice cream treat.

First of all, I'm glad Braum's clarified that you get 52 free cartons of ice cream. Knowing Braum's like we do, they'd probably screw up and try to charge you for it.

"Congratulations! You just won a year's supply of ice cream for winning our sweetest contest ever. The total for your order is $264.18. Please pull forward to the first window." 

The contest is open through the end of the month. That gives TLO Readers plenty of time to troll the Braum's webmaster and submit a bunch of funny combinations. Be sure to share them in the comments, too, so we'll all get to see them. The one I'm going with is Rainbow Sherbet topped with Banana Pecan. We'll call it Habana Banana Nut.


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