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Connie Johnson wonders if OK Democratic Party is “White Supremacy At Work”


It looks like the national Democrats aren't the only ones dealing with turmoil and chaos.

On Friday, after months of unproductive infighting during a politically opportune election season that helps further explain why the GOP is so dominant in this state, The Oklahoma Democratic Party announced it has appointed Communications Director Sarah Baker to the interim position of Executive Director. I know this because Sarah emailed everyone about it on Friday:

Today the Oklahoma Democratic Party announced that Sarah Baker has been appointed as Interim Executive Director. The Oklahoma Democratic Party and its county and local parties serve as the backbone organization in electing Democrats to all levels of public office across the state.

In her role, Baker will lead a team which focuses on electing Democrats across Oklahoma, at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as efforts to keep a Democrat in the White House for the next four years.

I called out the Oklahoma Republicans at the RNC for bragging about their political dominance in a state that's dealing with a massive budget crisis, stagnant economy, man-made earthquakes, botched executions, mass incarceration and Derplahoman theocracy, so we should probably make fun of the Democrats for claiming they "serve as the backbone organization in electing Democrats to all levels of public office across the state." Yeah, I'm not so sure I'd be lauding that. Considering Republicans hold all state offices and a supermajority in both the State House and Senate, maybe it's time to send the Oklahoma Democratic Party to Ed Shadid for some spinal surgery.

Not everyone in the Democratic party is happy about Baker's appointment. Connie Johnson, the pot-smoking former State Senator who was throttled in the 2014 US Senate election by James Lankford, has come out against it. This shouldn't come as a surprise. She's been a thorn in the side of the Oklahoma Democratic establishment for several years now, and had a much publicized flap with the party over messaging back in March.

In a recent email to supporters, Johnson claimed she "respectfully disagreed" with Baker's promotion, and like most respectful people, later questioned whether the promotion was an "example of white supremacy at work."

Via the obscure local political blog, The McCarville Report:

“I respectfully disagree with the proposal to hire Sarah Baker as interim ED, and respectfully request that this discussion and decision be put on hold until after the national convention, when the Central Committee can meet, discuss and vote. The executive committee should/can also meet before then to achieve a modicum of conformance with the CC’s desires and previous directives to the chair to include other officers in decision making. We were only informed last night via email about 6p,” wrote Johnson...

Later in the email, she wonders if the appointment is about giving more power to whites in the Party.

“Or…is this yet another example of white supremacy at work? I know that statement will offend and turn off many, so sincere apologies up front [don’t mean to offend but definitely to agitate enough that you at least consider a different perspective] But before you tar and feather me, try to get and watch the video ‘Hidden Colors, Pt. 4’ to better understand the white supremacy concept and phenomenon.”

First of all, suggesting that the State Democratic Party employs "white supremacy" without any proof or substantial evidence is weak, and very disrespectful to all the legitimate white supremacists, closeted racists and blind supporters of institutional racism who work so hard and tirelessly for the Oklahoma GOP. Please give them the credit they deserve.

That being said, what a joke. There are lots and lots of reasons to be critical of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. They've failed at messaging, galvanizing voters, and have done such a bad job finding quality candidates that Connie Johnson was the Democratic nominee for US Senate in 2014, but white supremacy? Come on. That's a dangerous, derogatory, powerful word that should only be used when necessary. Save it for the people who deserve it, like nazis, skinheads, confederate flag waivers, OU frat boys, etc. Seriously, Connie Johnson calling the Dems "White Supremacists" would be like Sarah Baker calling members of the Oklahoma Black caucus a...

Wait. As a white, 38-year-old blogger, I have to watch what analogies I use here. Nevermind.

Anyway, the McCarville Report emailed Johnson for comment. If they update their story, we'll update ours. That's how modern journalism works.

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