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Even Berry Tramel thinks Kevin Durant is a douchebag…


On the same day that Kevin Durant decided to come out of the closet and show the world what a massive tool he is, Berry Tramel responded with a preachy column that lectured fans on how they were supposed to behave. The general thesis was that it's okay for OKC Thunder fans to be sad and disappointed about the loss of their sports hero turned traitor, but only if they followed the Thunder Ministry of Propaganda handbook and kept things boring and classy.

Here's a snippet:

Stay classy, OKC, in wake of Durant leaving...

So now that Kevin Durant ruined not only Oklahoma’s Fourth of July but many a winter’s night with his decision to become a Golden State Warrior, don’t forget to stay classy, OKC.

Don’t forget that the eight-year run with Durant was more than most NBA cities get. Don’t forget all the thrills and chills Durant provided. Don’t forget that Durant did more for us than we ever did for him, and we did a lot for him.

Now is not the time for anger. Not sure there’s ever a time for anger concerning Durant, unless Draymond Green again goes into his below-the-belt act and receives a high-five from his newest teammate. Then you have unbridled permission to boo No. 35. Class only goes so far...

Durant is driving down LeBron Boulevard, going to Golden State, where an NBA title seems even more assured than the Heatles in Miami. Could Durant stay on that road and return to his original franchise? You never know.

Lots of melancholy to work through. Lots of figuring how to win with one superstar instead of two. Lots of remembering the good times and staying classy through massive disappointment.

Well, perhaps it's time that Berry Tramel follow some of his own advice. In what clearly proves he's taken the Durant departure tougher than anyone, Boomer appeared on The Sports Animal to beat a dead horse and discuss what has quickly become the most tired sports topic in Oklahoma history.

Check it out:

That's funny. Berry Tramel apparently didn't know what a douchebag was. At least that's what he told Regular Jim Traber when the ultimate grilled him like batch of Johnsonville Brats:

Seriously, Berry Tramel doesn't know what a douchebag is? As Berry would say, "Bullfeathers!"

Actually, I'm joking around. Berry Tramel not knowing the definition of a douche bag is very believable. This is the same guy who sells "Purity Rings" as a side business. Plus, I think the name of his dog is Cooter.

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