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Gary Busey is delivering ice cream for Uber in Oklahoma City today…


I try everything in my power to avoid covering PR clickbait, but sometimes the headlines are just too irresistible.

In a sad reminder of just how cruel life can be, Hollywood actor / punchline Gary Busey will delivering ice cream for Uber today in Oklahoma City. There's no word on if he'll be delivering it in an automobile or on horseback.

If you want to see The Buse, open up your Uber app between 11am - 3pm and request ICE CREAM. He, or some other lucky Uber driver who isn't Gary Busey, will deliver four ice cream bars to your location for $20. Yeah, that's right. Four ice cream bars for $20. At that rate, you'd think Uber could afford to send Nic Cage or Charlie Sheen

Because we live in a sad, desperate civilization on the brink of a total collapse where washed-up celebrities now deliver ice cream to your door, the paparazzi actually caught Busey at LAX yesterday preparing to embark on his trip to the 405. Here's the video:

How rude! Mr. Busey didn't have the courtesy to tell the man flashing lights into his face at the airport what type of ice cream he'll be serving in Oklahoma City. Celebrities are so snobby and vain.

Here are some Vines of Gary:

I guess if you fall for this stunt, request $20 in ice cream bars from Uber, and Gary Busey actually delivers it, it's probably worth the money. Also, please send us pic.

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