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Oklahoma City actually had a relatively peaceful Black Lives Matter protest…

12:18 PM EDT on July 11, 2016

Yesterday evening, thousands of Oklahomans gathered in the streets of Bricktown for a Black Lives Matter march and demonstration. Overall, the protest was peaceful, productive, and seemed to bring protesters and law enforcement officials together as opposed to pulling them apart. I guess you can say it's the exact opposite of what happened 600-miles away in Baton Rouge:

black lives matter

Question? Can we go ahead and give the Pulitzer to whoever took that photograph? It symbolizes everything wrong with the over militarization of police state, systematic racial prejudices and bias of law enforcement, and why the Black Lives Matter movement is so important. I can't wait to see where it ranks on UpRoxx's soon to be released slide show of most iconic photos of the 21st-century.

As I mentioned, Oklahoma City's protests were peaceful, and based on this article in The Oklahoman, seem to come across as one big giant hug fest. This happened despite the best efforts of those imbecilic Confederate Flag wavers, and some guy who allegedly wanted to incite panic by tossing smoke bombs and other "incendiary" devices into the crowd.

Check out this winner's mug shot:

Wow. I wonder how police were able to find him? Was it the hole in his ear or the big ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) tattoo on the side of his head? It had to be one of the two.

Anyway, I don't really have any deep thoughts that you probably haven't already seen or heard already on social media regarding the protests. I just want to thank protesters and law enforcement for seemingly coming together to bring attention and awareness to an issue that needs it, and doing it in a way that's peaceful and respectful and doesn't embarrass Oklahoma on a national level. Leave that to the confederate flag wavers, ACAP head tattoo wearers and SAE frat boys. They're great at it.

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