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Hot Girl Friday: Lauren Nevitt

As I always remind our readers, one drawback of being a successful self-employed blogger host is that I get to sleep in each morning, and therefore, don't get to watch overly cheery morning news anchors fake smiling, fake laughing, and fake tossing it back to Jed for the bus stop forecast. It really is a cruel way to live. Outside of severe weather porn, I no longer get to see Emily Sutton. Plus, I'm not aware that people like KOKH Fox 25 traffic reporter Lauren Nevitt exist until now:

lauren nevitt 12

Yep, that's Lauren Nevitt. She's the morning traffic reporter for Channel 25. I guess that means she flies around the metro in a helicopter like Captain Jim Purdue in Red Rover, or stands in front of a camera with a big smile and politely describes to old people what she's seeing on Google Maps.

If your dream in life is to fall in love with traffic reporter and move to Houston where he or she will always have job security, I have bad news. Lauren is married to the second best looking Patrick in Oklahoma – Patrick O'Quinn. He's a handsomey former Texas A&M quarterback who looks like he fell out of a "Please Marry My Daughter!" brochure. Here's a photo of the couple:

lauren and patrick

Lauren has a very public Instagram account with plenty of Hot Girl Friday caliber pictures of her and Patrick. I grabbed a few screenshot before it goes private. Check them out after the jump. She's our Hot Girl Friday.

lauren nevitt 7
lauren nevitt 8
lauren nevitt 6
lauren nevitt 9
lauren nevitt 11
lauren nevitt 4
lauren nevitt 5

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