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KFOR confirms black man associated with home invasion robbery is not Kevin Durant…

One trait we always look for in our Social Media Bandits at KFOR is their ability to tie typical crime stories with hot, trending topics. For example, say a black guy is caught on video trying to pawn items he may have acquired during a home invasion robbery. Since Kevin Durant is also black and also in the news, it makes sense to tie the two unrelated news stories together to earn a few extra page views and Facebook comments...

home invasion kd

Yeah, I have no clue why Kevin Durant would want leave Oklahoma. Would the local TV news stations in other markets go out of their way to let viewers know that Kevin Durant isn't the black person caught on camera trying to sell items he may have acquired during an armed home invasion? I don't think so. We protect our celebrities in Oklahoma! In other news, Dion Waiters better be concerned. KFOR hasn't cleared him as a suspect yet.

You may notice that the image above is a grainy pic of a computer screen. That's because a couple of hours after The KFOR Social Media Bandit posted the article and warning on Facebook, they edited the post. Now it looks like this:

robbery okc

That's interesting. They edited the post and removed the blurb about Durant. I wonder why they did that? Could it be that Kevin Durant is actually a suspect in the case, or did they realize that many people would find the comment to be inappropriate and racist. Seriously, what was the KFOR Social Media bandit thinking? You have to keep those 85-year old white southern grandpa comments to yourself! That could have been a hologram of Kevin Durant trying to pawn the merchandise, you still don't say he looks like Kevin Durant!

Fortunately, KFOR found an all too convenient scapegoat for the gaffe. They blamed the police:

kevin durant

Good recovery, Social Media Bandit. The police is probably the one institution America trusts less than local TV news. Way to go.

Anyway, I guess if you recognize the guy in the photo, call the police. Here's another pic:

sam presti

Whoa! Wait a second. Can you believe it?! When did Thunder GM Sam Presti start working at a pawn shop? Maybe the police and KFOR Social Media Bandit are onto something. I'll be damned.

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