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OMG! Selena Gomez fell down in Tulsa!!!

selene gomez tulsa fall

Move over Sex Pistols! There's a new "most infamous moment" in Tulsa's rich music history!!!

Okay, not really. I'm just trying to over-sensationalize something for the hell of it.

On Sunday night, our favorite honorary Oklahoman actress, Selena Gomez, stopped by the BOK Center in Tulsa for her "Revival" tour. As she performed her smash hit "I can't believe I fucked Justin Bieber, either," she fell to her knees while attempting to navigate a couple of awkwardly placed steps.


Here's a video report from one of those entertainment YouTube channels that have done amazing things for the "Right To Die" movement:

Here's a video from a more flattering angle:

Outside of what I've learned as a bar trivia host, I have a very limited knowledge of pop concert stage design. That being said, if you're designing a stage for a 23-year-old high heel-clad starlet to prance around on while lip syncing catchy pop tunes about young love, feminism, heartbreak and bubble gum, wouldn't you try to limit the amount of steps on the stage? Not only is it a hazard, but it gives you less room to place the trapdoors, oil slicks, banana peels and wet concrete next to a pool.

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