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The Oklahoman is having mandatory staff meetings today (update)

10:12 AM EDT on June 8, 2016

oklahoman wall

Oklahoman employees are on high alert.

We acquired an email through the Ogle Mole Network that Oklahoman Media Company President Chris Reen sent to all employees at 7:00am this morning. Like most corporate emails about mandatory staff meetings, it's very vague and cryptic.

Check it out:

oklahoman email

That's great. "Hey, I know you're human and emails like this are cryptic and frightening, but don't worry about it. Focus on your work! Have fun!"

After asking around, I'd make an educated guess that the "important meeting" is in regards to one of four things:

• Layoffs / Reduction in Workforce

• Acquisition

• Leadership / Management Change

• New Health Insurance / Benefits

Once again, those are just some educated guesses. They could be wrong. The meeting could be about something else. Maybe it's some good news and OMC worked out a deal where all Oklahoman employees get free Sonic Ice in the breakroom or something, but I doubt it. As anyone who's worked in Corporate America and received a similar email and then found themselves completing unemployment paperwork can attest, you naturally fear and assume the worst with these things.

Anyway, we'll stay in touch with our Moles and fill you in with any worthy details or updates. If you have a tip or inside scoop to share, email us.



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