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Hot Girl Friday: Kit Compton

Cosplay is something that I’ve never really gotten into. Maybe it’s all those years of going to horror conventions and being surrounded by 350 lb. drunk dudes coiffed in black trench coats and jerry-rigged Pinhead shirts, sweating their ICP make-up off while wreaking of burnt Fritos and Game Stop carpets as Corbin Bernsen and I try not vomit in an already crammed elevator in the middle of the Cincinnati Hilton Convention Center.

Let’s be honest, horror cosplay is kind of the scummy older brother that steals your CDs to sell for half an oh-zee of the Schnappster.

On the other hand, I have been given flashes of hope recently through the comic book cosplay community here in Oklahoma City and, more accurately, the group of costumed characters that come together almost every Saturday morning at New World Comics, 6219 N. Meridian Ave., to teach Superhero School, a fan-driven initiative to teach kids—both young and old—about the joys of reading comics.


And while every actor who participates does a damn good job of putting together the best studio quality costumes at home, there’s always one cosplayer that’s a little harder to take your eyes off of and that’s costumed kitten extraordinaire Kit Compton.

A real-life avenging attorney by day and a faux-real caped crusader by night, Kit is a living human torch that proves comic books just ain’t for the stereotypical nerds living their parent’s basement. With a wide array of boundary-busting classic characters at her disposal, Compton definitely makes Superhero School required learning. From Catwoman to She-Hulk, Compton’s cosplay brings every comic fan's four-color fantasies to life and is the definition of the word “Excelsior!” She's also our Hot Girl Friday. More pics below.



I sometimes put on a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sweatpants and cosplay as Ron Jeremy. Follow Louis Fowler on Twitter at @LouisFowler.

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