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Some Oklahomans still don’t know that Barack Obama is Muslim…

Earlier this week, Estately released one of those senseless clickbait studies to see what search engine questions people in each state asked more frequently than people in other states. Oklahoma's was shocking. The most disproportionately searched phrase wasn't "Am I pregnant?" or "Are trailers allowed in Capital Medical Center Zones?" or "How to survive a tornado... or earthquake... or flood... or wildfire... or rock slide... or sinkhole... or blizzard... or... well, you get my point." It was actually "Is Obama Muslim."

Check out the following map:


That's kind of shocking. I wonder why so many people searched that phrase? You don't have to spend too much time on Facebook to realize that most Oklahomans already know that Barack Hussein Obama is a Kenyan-born communist muslim homosexual-sympathizing dictator who's hell-bent on creating a global race war against poorly educated, white, conservative Christians. Are people trying to reinforce what they already knew to be true? Who knows, but I should probably do some search engine pandering to get more traffic:

Is Barack Obama a Muslim. Barack Obama Muslim. Muslim Barack Obama. Barack Obama Islam. Barack Obama Koran. Barack Obama Hates Christians.

There we go. That should work.

Normally, something like this would serve as an embarrassment to a state that specializes in embarrassments, but "Is Obama Muslim" is kind of tame compared to what other states are searching. Picking a favorite from that map is about as challenging as choosing which Thunder girl you'd like to home with. I think my favorites are:

Delaware – How to get away with murder?
Georgia – Why are my nipples sore?
Michigan – Is Mr. T Dead?
Wyoming – What is Wyoming?
Iowa - Do penguins have knees.

Also, special props to South Dakota for questioning the color of their excrement, and Colorado for its continuous search for Waldo.

Estately also listed the second and third most disproportionately searched terms by Oklahomans. They were a little bit more normal:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 12.13.14 PM

No lie, I just searched "Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?" a few weeks ago after watching my dog was munch on some fescue. It resulted in a 30-minute Google binge that ended with me bookmarking a list of dog-safe plants to put in my backyard. Also, it's good to know that Larry Nichols, Harold Hamm, and the rest of our state's energy mafia has finally figured out how to use Google. I hope they found the answer to the question. It will probably be to blame Obama.

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