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Oak Tree Country Club owner sues ex-fiancée over $75,000 engagement ring…

jennifer saba

The woman pictured above with a very large, fancy ring on her finger is Jennifer Saba. The dude pictured with her is G. Edward Evans. He's an uber wealthy executive who owns Oak Tree Country Club, is a former co-owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and really really really wants to get that ring back.


Who gets to keep the ring when love turns bad and an engagement is called off?

In one story involving an Oklahoma City couple, the fate of a $46,000 diamond engagement ring may be decided in court.

G. Edward Evans, who purchased Oak Tree Golf Club in 2008 and was an original owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, filed a lawsuit Thursday in Oklahoma County District Court against his ex-fiancee.

Evans, 55, says he and Jennifer Saba, 50, agreed that if their engagement ended she would return the ring. The lawsuit states the ring was purchased for $46,000 but is estimated to be valued at $75,000. He says he is the ring's "rightful owner," according to the lawsuit.

Boy, I wish I could have seen that marriage proposal at the Ironwood Bar and Grill:

"Jennifer, I love you. Will you marry me?"

"Oh my goodness. Yes, Edward. Yes, I will marry you. I love you so much."

"Great, now if you can just sign this contract that stipulates you will return this $75,000 ring to me if our engagement is called off, we'll be good to go."

Seriously, that's insane. Find me a woman who would agree to something like that and I'll propose to her immediately. Well, if she's rich or hot.

The Oklahoman's Kyle Schwab pulled a TMZ and caught up with the ex-fiance. Here's what she had to say:

By phone Friday, Saba, who now lives in Dallas, said she never agreed to any such arrangement.

"That's false," she said. "I wouldn't have said yes to someone who put that sort of a clause in things."

She also said she didn't know Evans had filed the lawsuit over the ring, but she wasn't surprised.

Evans and his attorneys declined to comment Friday.

The two met in March 2014 in Chicago and later started dating, according to the lawsuit. Evans says Saba moved to Oklahoma City in 2015 and moved in with him.

Evans asked Saba to marry him in August and she accepted the proposal, according to the lawsuit. Evans says Saba ended their engagement in January.

"He broke up with me. I need to make that very clear because he did," Saba said.

He broke up with her and he's suing her for the ring? That's cold. Very cold.

Anyway, I've had some pretty glorious break ups in my life. My favorite was the time my ex-wife changed all the locks on our house, which led to me having to break into my house in order to temporarily move out of my house, so I know how petty and personal break ups can get. That being said, this dude needs to grow up. He's an affluent, multi-millionaire. Move on with your life and let the woman keep the ring. It's the cost of doing business.

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